Want Advice from the Best Mentors in the World?

People always ask, “How do I get a mentor?”

It’s interesting because many of the people who ask that are also those who rarely read books. Perhaps it’s the enticement of someone answering questions directly as opposed to seeking answers on your own that makes reading the less popular choice — in many ways it make sense, since it is how most of us are taught to learn.

But it’s a bit ironic. One of the best ways to establish a relationship with a mentor is having the ability to hold your own in an intellectual conversation and to that effect, being able to contribute your own worthwhile insight and perspective, all of which requires having been well-read in the first place.

Books are one of the most impactful ways to learn; entire decades of someone’s life — their thoughts, struggles and experiences; all documented and summarized into just a few hundred pages. Value you gain from reading is tremendous; not only will it broaden your mind, allow you to develop new insight and deepen your opinions, but the advice from the book itself is often on par, if not exceeding even that of a mentor-mentee relationship. In more ways than some, books can be considered the very best of mentors.

So in reality, we’ve had mentors available all along. We just never realized it.

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