A Stupid $428 Mistake

In Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur International Airport, there were many people were waiting at the security checkpoint. Only one booth was open, and people were anxiously checking their watches, afraid of missing their flight.

As another booth was about to be opened, people began leaving their lines to form a new one. A burly man who had been waiting in line for quite some time jumped out to block people from forming a new line.

“HEY, no cutting in line. Don’t even think about it. If another booth opens, we, who are in front of the line get priority access. Go back to the end of the line!”

But a security officer walked up and started waving people through. “It’s okay, come along, let’s go. Keep the line moving,” he said.

The burly man scowled and walked back to his line. He waited. The booth he was in was slow, but he waited anyways. He continued to wait even after the second line was empty and there was no one else behind him. He waited and eventually it was too late; His flight had taken off without him.

Be determined, not stubborn.

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