Stealing from your friends

We’re sitting at a restaurant and my friend walks to the serving counter in the back. He ducks behind the counter and grabs several drinks from the fridge.

He comes back, sets the drinks on the table and gives an answer to my questioning look:

“Oh, it’s okay”, he says, “I’m friends with the owner.”

When you support a friend by paying for their product, you’re doing more than just giving them money. You’re supporting their dreams, helping them raise a family or pay for a mortgage. And likewise, when you don’t pay, you’re doing more than stealing from your friend — you’re undermining their dreams, putting their family at risk and jeopardizing their mortgage.

The things you do and the actions you take define your character. Should you be allowed to take advantage of someone’s dream just because you’re ‘friends’?

Later when the bills comes, I reach across the table for my friend’s wallet before taking out his credit card and handing it to the server.

“It’s okay,” I say, “I’m friends with him.”

He’s not happy and for good reason.

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