How You Spend Your Money Will Determine Where You’ll Be in Life.

The moment Robert gets paid, he heads to his trusty sneaker dealer and buys that season’s latest sneakers. He splurges on fancy steak dinners, video games and movies until what’s remaining of that paycheck is often barely enough to cover rent and living expenses.

Mance on the other hand, invests most of what he’s paid back into himself. He uses it to buy books that he’ll read, towards the skills he’s learning to develop and on purely materialistic things only when out of necessity. Anything he doesn’t use, he saves.

When you think of Robert versus Mance’s spending habits, who do you think is more likely be more rich and successful in the future?

Truth is, deep down, for those of us who’ve always wanted to be rich and successful, we’ve always had the answer — we just never put thought into it.

But since we realize the answer now, tell me, what are you going to do with your paycheck?

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