Sometimes It’s Not Worth Asking Questions

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about not being afraid to ask.

Even when you’re embarassed, even if you think the answer is going to be ‘no’, ask anyways because more often than not, you’d be surprised at what you can get out of it.

Today, I’m going to add to it:

Make it a goal to always ask for the things you want, except when it proves to waste more time than it’s worth.

I like to think of airBnBs like a half home/hotel. Whenever I stay at an airBnB, I expect a certain quality of living, basic amenities like toilet paper, towels, bedding, shampoo and body wash. I don’t think it’s unreasonable — the concept behind airBnB is that you’re coming to a place that you can call home while you’re on vacation. What kind of home doesn’t have towels or toilet paper?

So I asked my host for them and the management team happily obliged. They gave me a fresh clean towel and a roll, one roll of toilet paper for the entire month I had reserved the place for. I ran out before the end of the week, as expected and asked once again for more toilet paper. They gave me one roll again.

This continued for another 4 times before I decided that asking was no longer worth the trouble. Between the language barrier and the excuses of needing a general manger to approve giving me more than one roll of toilet paper at a time, I was no longer interested in asking. I ended up buying two giant bagfuls of toilet paper.

Make it habit to ask for the things you want, but keep in mind that sometimes it’s not worth it. Your time is expensive and peace of mind matters. If asking is going to cost you effort than what it’s worth, forget about asking. There’s always a line, a boundary to be drawn with how much effort you should put in vs. what you’ll get out of it — your job is to find and understand that balance and decide on what you should or shouldn’t do.

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