Why You Should Send Your Customers Away

“Oh! We got another one. That’s the 10th one.”

Every now and then as we ran our startup, we’d get a nasty email, telling us our product sucked, that we were missing a lot of the features they wanted and because of that, they’d never pay for our service.

And for every one of those nasty emails, we‘d reply with an equally nice one:

Hey Bob,

It’s Jon, one of the founders here. I’m sorry that Rabbut didn’t quite work out for you. You’re right — we are missing a ton of features. This is something we’re trying to improve on but development takes time and as it is, we’re already stretched pretty thin. I put your feature request directly in the pipeline so hopefully this is something we’ll get to sooner than later as soon as we free up some time.

In the meanwhile, if you’re looking for a product that already supports the feature that you want, right out of the box, I’d suggest giving Mailchimp a try. It’s quick, free to sign up and has all the information you need here.

Thanks for sending us your email and giving us insight on how to improve. We really appreciate it. If there’s anything else that I can personally help with, please reach out anytime. My email is yours.


Jon Lee
Founder at Rabbut

We could’ve been nasty; it would’ve easy, but we didn’t because it wasn’t worth destroying our reputation over.

So instead we tried to be helpful and send them to our competitors instead. It wasn’t that we wanted to sabotage our competitors by sending them the worst clients, or because we didn’t want the business, but because running a business is all about giving value back. There’s no point in hiding your competitors; a customer who is in need of a particular feature that you don’t offer will find it eventually whether or not you decide to help, but if you do, that customer might remember you and one day decide to use your product instead. Some of the customers we turned away actually ended up being some of our longest paying customers for some of the other products we had offered.

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