Are The Risks Worth Taking?

Recently in Bali, Indonesia, my laptop died.

The moment it died, I called all repair shops around me within a 5km radius. Then shops within a 10km radius. Then shops within 20km. 50km.

The problem I had with my laptop was bigger than I had initially expected; it made sense though given that my laptop had literally been smoking. Nobody wanted to work on it; the only repair shop that had suggested they might be able to fix it was a far 34km away and had only three less-than-spectacular reviews on their Facebook. It’s a repair shop smack right in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by rice paddies and farm pastures.

So I did exactly what my parents would never do and went ahead and sent my Macbook Pro laptop worth over $1500 using a Balinese/Indonesian send & receive, food delivery, mototaxi all-in-one app that I’ve used once unsuccessfully in the past. GoJek is what the locals use when ordering food online or when they need to send a parcel faraway.

You see, I could’ve taken an Uber to the repair shop. I could’ve waited at the shop until they were done and I could’ve booked a room and stayed there until it was fixed. I could’ve, but I didn’t.

It might sound reckless, but I disagree.
Sometimes, a risk is worth taking for just the sake of gaining experience alone.

Every single day, there are people who fail businesses they’ve started, break up from relationships they’ve been in, get into unfortunate accidents when going to work — does it mean that these people should never start a business, be in a relationship or ever commute to work?

The above risks: starting a business, being in a relationship or commuting to work can have consequences that far outweigh the the consequences of losing my laptop. It’s nothing compared to a failing business, a heartbreak or injuries in a car accident, but the experience gained is comparable.

By using a service that the locals use and being a part of their culture, I’m able to now share advice with other friends and fellow travelers. I’m able to make an opinion, share my experiences, tell a story. I’m able to live life and look to the future with no fear or regrets.

Had I not taken the risk of sending my laptop to an unknown repair shop using GoJek, I’ll never have known whether or not that GoJek was dependable, or whether or not the shop was honest. I’ll never have the same experience and understandings as the locals do, and worse, I’ll always be afraid of trying new things, seeing new things and learning to experience the world for what it is without the constant fear of something happening.

Indeed, the worst case scenario could’ve happened — the Gojek driver could’ve stolen my laptop, the repair center could’ve claimed they never received it, anything could’ve happened. But it didn’t.

And even if it did, isn’t that just another story worth sharing? It’s the reason why I travel anyways.

Every risk is worth taking if it’s for a good cause, and contributes to a good life — Richard Branson

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