How to Rid Yourself of the Disappointment That Comes with Failing Goals

I want to lose weight.
I want to read more.
I want to make more money.

How many of you have made one of these statements and tried doing something about it, only to realize that it didn’t work the way you wanted?

Most of us, when we want to look better, we do search on Google:
‘how to get a six pack in 30 days’.

Do we really understand how short 30 days are?

We fail only because we’ve set our expectations too high.

Expectations is a love-hate relationship for me.

On one hand, expectation allows you to grow because it gives you something to strive for. It raises the threshold for excellence.

On the other hand, expectations can stop us from feeling good about the work we do because they’re so exaggerated that we can’t keep up with our abilities.

Because of the expectations we’ve set, we’ve failed before we’ve even begun.

What if we’re able to pursue our dreams, our goals with no expectations at all?

Not having to worry about the pressure that comes from comparing our work with others, comparing ourselves to a version that’s yet to exist, or comparing ourselves with our end goals?

When there’s no expectation, we can focus on doing however much we are able to that day, and find joy through the struggles of progression.

No expectations, just a willingness to do more, do better.

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