The Opportunities of Our Future Affected by Our Past

A man goes grocery shopping with his wife. They buy ice cream.

Upon arriving home, the husband because he’s in a hurry to use the bathroom, forgets to put the ice cream away. By the time he realizes, the ice cream has already half-melted.

The wife seeing the half-melted ice cream, yells at her husband.

How could you forget something so simple! It fine that you needed to pee, but you could’ve put the ice cream away first or you could’ve at least told me to. Look at what you’ve done — we’ve lost more than half the ice cream we’ve bought!

She yelled, and continued to scold him for long after. By the time she finished yelling, the ice cream, or at least the half that had bene left had melted entirely. She had, in her anger, forgotten to put away the ice cream.

Don’t cry over spoilt milk.
The time you spent regretting the mistakes of the past is often enough to affect the opportunities of the present.

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