The One Thing You Need to Know About The Advice You’re Given.

One of the greatest advices I’ve been given was to delegate the things you don’t do well or aren’t worth your time.

The concept behind it is that too many of us use too much of our time on things that are either insignificant to our growth or worse, impedes our growth in some way. We all have our strength and weaknesses and to focus only our time on what we’re good at instead of all things in general, we have the ability to grow even further. It’s just like how you wouldn’t expect a world-class surgeon to do anything other than what he’s supposed to in the operating room. To have him do anything else he’s not good at is a waste of his time and potential value.

I spent a week, tracking down how much time I spent on everything I did and turns out, unsurprisingly, that household chores — laundry, washing dishes, vacuuming the house, taking out the garbage, watering the plants — these were chores that took up almost 5 hours of every week. It didn’t seem much when I did them, but altogether? It was time I could’ve used to focus on my career instead, time that I could’ve chosen to sacrifice instead of sacrificing the time spent with friends or family.

I decided that I needed to hire a maid, but because I couldn’t afford to hire one given how rent in Silicon Valley was already bleeding me dry and continuing to increase year after year, I packed up my bags, booked a one-way ticket and flew to Vietnam instead.

And because I pay a quarter of what I had been paying for rent, the money left over was used to hire a maid.

You see, the hardest thing about getting advice isn’t to hear it. It’s to put in into practice. Advice you get will mean nothing unless you take action on it. It wouldn’t mean anything. If you want to change, you have to be willing to make that change. You have to be willing to make certain sacrifices in hopes of a better future.

Advice is advice. It’ll be exactly what it is — just words, until you act upon it.

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