The One Thing You Can Do to Instantly Improve the Quality of Your Life.

I once asked a millionaire: “What is one tip, one piece of advice that you’d give to someone that could instantly improve the quality of their lives without having to be a millionaire?”

“Buy only the things you need, and when you buy it, buy the best and longest lasting. Not necessarily the most expensive and definitely not the best bang for the buck, but the most worthwhile and long lasting.”

How many of you have bought something cheap and expected it when it broke in your hands the very next day, next week, next month? How many blenders, pots and pans have we gone through in our kitchens? How many mouses, keyboards have we used and tossed?

Buying only what you need when you need it prevents wastage and indulgent spending. Buying the best and the longest lasting prevents wasting money and time in the long run because it’ll last. If we buy houses and cars with the intention of keeping them for the many years to come, why can’t our everyday purchases be the same?

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