One Question You Should Never Ask

Most of us are terrible communicators.
The other day, at a high school reunion, I heard one person ask another:

“Oh man, are you still working as a nurse?”

An innocent-sounding question but wrong on many levels if you think about it.

Asking someone if they’re ‘still’ working in a particular job or career is basically the same as saying, “I can’t believe you’re still working there.” The intention and the attitude is the same — you’re implying that their career choice is one that’s short-lived.

When was the last time you’ve heard anyone ask a doctor, “are you still working as a doctor?” or an attorney, “are you still working as an attorney?”

You wouldn’t because you’d assume they’d be well off. You wouldn’t ask those kind of questions.

Asking someone if they’re ‘still’ working somewhere sounds innocent enough, but it’s really not. 

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