How to Make Friends and Grow Your Network 10x

Several months ago, at a friend’s wedding, I was given an opportunity to make a few friends. A group of us got along rather well; I shared my travel stories and they shared theirs. We talked for quite a while and towards the end of the wedding exchanged contact information and promised to keep in touch.

I reached out the very next day.

Whenever I meet people that I can genuinely connect with, I always insist upon another meeting within that week of encountering them. It sounds abrupt and awkward (it is), but I do it anyways.

We meet meet a lot of people in our lifetimes. We exchange contact information and promise to stay in touch, but it rarely ever happens.

Why do we go through all the trouble of saying we’ll stay in touch when the truth is we won’t? Why waste time to suggest exchanging contacts in the first place if we’re insincere about it? Even if it’s for the sake of networking, it’s silly; anyone who’s ever been successful at networking can tell you that it takes at least one other meeting to build a connection.

When I tell someone that I want to keep in touch, I mean it. I make it happen. I put in the effort, I put in the time. I ignore any awkwardness and insist upon another meeting that week because I know if I don’t, I know I’ll lose the chance to have really connected with that person.

I’d rather come off as strong initially just so that I’ll at least have left an impression than none at all. If someone is worth connecting with, I put in the effort. If you don’t grasp the chance to connect and build a relationship now while the initial meeting is still fresh, who’s going to remember (or care) about you months from now?

A missed opportunity is a missed one. Only by grasping opportunities when they appear will we have made a difference.

In the end, we only regret the changes we didn’t take. — Lewis Carroll

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