Are You Living a Life of Endless Excuses?

I’m at a restaurant with my parents and and we order a steamed fish. The only request we have is to serve the soy sauce on the side, but our waiter denies our request.

“I don’t think the kitchen will do it. They’re usually busy so they’ll probably ignore the order if they see it anyways. How about we just leave it as is?”

We create excuses for things we’re uncomfortable doing. We’re not scared of working out, we’re scared of the pain that comes from exerting our muscles. We’re not scared of diets, we’re scared of being dissatisfied with eating healthier, lighter foods. There’s often another reason, a hidden one behind the excuses we make.

So the next time you catch yourself making an excuse, take a moment to consider: is it really what you say it is, or is there something actually deeper, hidden, that you’re making the excuse for?

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