Your Life Sucks. Here Are Your Two Options:

When we were kids, we were brave. Anything we wanted to do, we’d just go ahead and do it. There was no thinking, no planning, just doing. It might’ve been recklessness but at least we took the initiative to do things.

Somewhere along the way growing up, we lost courage. We stopped being passionate about change and lost the drive to fight for our dreams. We became content with wishing for a different future without actually doing anything.

Now, whenever there’s something we’d like to change, we make excuses. We find reasons not to do something.

Think about if you really could change; where would you be? What would your future be like?

And that’s the thing.

Just by thinking about it, you’ve already subconsciously expressed the desire to change. You’re already thinking about what could happen; in that case, why not just do it? Why waste time thinking about what you could be doing? The amount of time that you spend thinking is time that you could’ve already started doing what you wanted to.

Ask yourself if you’re okay with giving up on this opportunity.

If the answer is ‘yes’, move on. You have higher priorities elsewhere. Give those priorities your focus. To pursue something, anything, you need a firm conviction that that’s what you want to be doing in life; otherwise, why spend your time on it?

If the answer is ‘no’, take initiative to pursue your dreams now. There’s nothing that can hold you back. Every reason, every excuse you can think of to not pursue your dreams are manifestations from the fear of change. If you let yourself be held back because of these fears, you lose the opportunity to pave the path towards a future of your own making.

There’s no better time to do what you believe in. Live life the way you want with no regrets.

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