What I Learned After 10 Years of Working

The roar of engines in Thailand. The clamor of people in Malaysia. The honking of the scooters in Vietnam. The hustle and bustle of Hong Kong.

A whole world I hadn’t see before — the food, the language, the culture shock.

For a long time, I worked corporate jobs and later, my own startups. Both of them had one thing in common: 40+ hour workweeks. You’d wake up, start working and stop when work ended. Except, work never really ended. There was always more work to be done — a continuous, monotonous grind.

It wasn’t years later until I started traveling.

Ironic because it took me almost a decade of work until realizing that there was actually more to life than just work, but gratifying that I didn’t spend yet another decade before realizing.

There’s a whole world to see and discover, and until you realize that sacrifice is necessary to make the changes you want, you haven’t lived.

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Jon Lee

I travel the world in search of lessons worth sharing. Addicted to culture shock and transparency. Currently working on heeyy and duuck.

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