I’ve Been Lying About Living The Dream For Years

A lot of people, after finding out about how I’m traveling full time tell me how they envy me, that I’m living the dream or that I have it made.

It’s funny, because it couldn’t be farther from the truth.

I’ve realized that people will always see what they want to see because it’s a reflection of their own dreams and ambitions. Because it’s difficult for them to imagine themselves in my lifestyle, they’ll assume the only way I can have that lifestyle is by having found success.

I’m honestly nowhere as successful as they think I am. Most of my accomplishments are vague memories that have already been long forgotten years ago. The things I do now, while important to me because it’s me living my dream will at most come off as nonsensical to others.

I’ve made some money, but is it really enough to be able enjoy comfortable in a place like Silicon Valley where housing prices are increasing at least two, three times year-over-year?

And sure, I’m traveling, living the dream as others say, but can you really call bouncing from one cockroach-infested hostel to another, eating street food by the side of the street and never-ending planning and flying with budget airlines the kind of travel you’d want to be doing?

The kind of traveling that you see on Instagram or Facebook is more of a vacation than it is traveling. Trust me, the travel lifestyle is a lot less glorious than it looks. Don’t get me wrong though; traveling has been by far one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life — it’s just not what everyone thinks.

Most days, I spend alone in a country whose language I don’t speak, eating food that I know nothing about with no place to really call home. I don’t get to see friends and family as often as I like, have no stable source of income and basically living in a suitcase bouncing from one country to the next.

Traveling can be brutal, it really can. It hasn’t been easy.

It’s easy to talk about how you wish you had someone else’s lifestyle, or their fortune, or their wealth but we never realize or consider the hidden difficulties required to live that life. It’s the same way we think of billion dollar companies and their overnight successes; most of us assume they’re overnight successes because already wildly success by the time we’ve heard of them, but don’t realize the insane amount of grind, effort and persistence it takes, year after year just to have reached that level of popularity. All we see are things on the superficial level.

Things aren’t always as you see. The lifestyle you’ve want might be completely different than you’ve expected. There’s pros and cons to every lifestyle; things you’ve yet to discover about them. We need to look back at the things we have and consider what we might’ve taken for granted or forgotten before beginning to envy a lifestyle of another.

It’s true what they say about the grass always being green on the other side of the fence. Sometimes we’re so blinded by a superficial glance at someone else’s life that we forget the potential in our own lives.

Learn to see things for what they are.
Make a choice, then choose your lifestyle.

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