Giving My Mom the Cold-Shoulder

Uh, thanks mom for all these years of raising me?

You need to wear more clothes. You’re going to catch a cold!

My mom tells me that for the nth time. I glance in her direction, and focus my attention back to the screen, my fingers typing ferociously at the keyboard.

Tap tap tap. Tap tap tap.

My mom speaks up again:

“Jon, you really need to wear more clothes in this weather. It’s for your own good! You’re going to catch a cold and when you do, then how are you supposed to work?”

I play a deaf ear. I have another 26 minutes before this proposal needs to be sent. I continue typing.

Tap tap tap. Tap tap tap.

So my mom plays the respect card, “Jon, please listen to me. Not doing so is to disrespectful to me.”

It’s ironic because I’ve tried explaining to my mom for the past 20 years that you won’t catch a cold just by being exposed to cold weather but she’s never once listened to me, or heard what I had to say.

I’ve told her, shown her scientific research that proves that it’s a myth, an old wives’ tale and that as long as your nose stays warm, it doesn’t matter how cold it is outside — you won’t catch a cold unless someone else infects you with it.

I’ve asked her to listen and to understand what it is that I’m telling her, but she’s never even attempted to understand what I’ve been trying to teach her.

If I’m disrespecting her for not listening, hasn’t she been doing the exact same thing to me? Respect is earned, not given.

So I put on a jacket anyways because if it’s respect, she’s already earned it, having selflessly given it her all as a mother all those years raising my brother and I.

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