How to Find Your Voice in Blogging

Some things matter more in the early stages of blogging

On a recent Reddit post I read recently, someone asked a question about finding their voice for their blog. They hadn’t started blogging yet, but wanted to find out in advance the kind of voice that would be appropriate for their blog.

The response I had for him was that it didn’t matter.

It doesn’t matter because sooner or later, as long as you keep writing and keep at it, you’ll eventually find your voice. You’ll eventually discover your own style of writing, the topics you want to write about, the topics that people are actually interested in. The challenge isn’t actually finding your voice; it’s getting exposure to your blog, your writing. Without anyone to read it, it won’t matter what kind of voice you have.

Blogging, like startups is all about getting that initial traffic. In the early stages, it’s never about your voice, it’s never about how your blog looks or how long your blog posts are. It’s about consistency — how often you publish, because how often you publish directly increases the chance your work will be seen and eventually, as you continue to do it day in and day out, you’ll get the traction you need for everything else to start mattering.

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