Why the Best Advice Will Still Fail You (hint: it’s not what you think)

We all ask for advice at some point in our lives.
The question is, what do you do with that advice?

For me, I ask where that advice comes from, how it came to be. Not because I question the validity of the advice, but because without understanding from where that advice comes from, I’ll be forever reliant on asking others instead of coming up with advice on my own.

True value of advice often extends beyond advice itself; what it does is allows you an inner glimpse into the life of the person giving that advice — their life experiences, their struggles, their successes and ultimately the thought processes behind the advice: How did that advice happen? Why did that advice happen? Under what circumstances did that advice come to be?

If we’re able to recognize the triggers behind the advice given, we’ll be able to come up with similar advice on our own under similar circumstances; and to that effect, not only will we have grown but we’ll no longer have to rely on others. After all, advice is only given once, compared to our mind that gives forever.

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