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You Only Achieve GOALS When You Stop Thinking About It

The hardest part about making a change is to stop overthinking it.

It doesn’t really matter how many sets or reps you do, how long you need to run for, or how many calories something is; you’ll be making progress the moment you start.

If you’re thinking whether or not to do something, instead of worrying about the pros and cons, focus on these three questions:

Are you happy with who you are and your current lifestyle?

Is there something you’re doing that you shouldn’t and no longer want to?

If you remove that something, will you then have time for something new?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to all three questions, it’s no longer about pros or cons, but rather, what’s stopping you from starting, this very moment?

If we give in to our fears and allow our brains to come up with excuses to not do something, it’ll only puts us right back where we’ve started. So if we’re unhappy with the way we are, why allow ourselves to overthink and come up with excuses?

We should just do it.

The worst that can happen is that it won’t work, but if so be it, what’s stopping us from trying something else yet again?

We have our whole lives ahead of us and there’s a lot more things we haven’t tried compared to the things we have. And until we try, we won’t know if it’s something worth doing.

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